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Ford Park Assist Demonstrated by the New and Used Car Dealer Jenkins and Wynne

Ford Park Assist Demonstrated by the New and Used Car Dealer Jenkins and Wynne

Fran and Wes are from the new and used car dealership serving Clarksville, TN, Hopkinsville, KY and Fort Campbell, KY, Jenkins and Wynne. They are demonstrating how to use the new Ford park assist to parrallel park a vehicle.

  • Find a spot large enough for your new or used Ford car or truck
  • Pull to the spot chosen
  • Press the "Park Assist" button
  • The display screen will signal once it has identified the parking space on the right or left
  • It will then notify you to pull forward or backup the vehcile until it is in place to begin to take over the parking
  • Once the vehicle is in place the "Park Assist" will take control of the car and begin the parking process
  • The driver remains in control of the break, gas, and gear shifter
  • Once the car has controlled the steering into the space in reverse it will indicate it is approaching a rear obstruction or the final distance it needs to travel in reverse
  • Now the driver can shift the car into Drive and pull forward a little and the "Park Assist" will steer the car the rest of the way into the spot
  • Once the parking is complete the display screen will notify the driver the parking is complete

By Casey Jenkins

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